Top Blogs to Get a Sense of the “Real World” of Online Business School Students

When you’re looking over business programs to decide which one you’re ready to commit to, you’ll want to ask some important questions about each one: How is this school ranked? How much will it cost? What do students say about the professors? What influence will this program have on my job prospects? And the list … Read more

Why So Few Women in B-School?

We all know there’s no gender disparity at all in business schools, don’t we? Bloomberg Businessweek writer Matt Symonds says take a gander at photos from promotional recruitment materials from top business schools. What you may not be able to see is a trend that some people are finding troubling: too many men and too few women. These promotional … Read more

What’s Wrong With a Business Degree?

According to a recent New York Times article, “The Default Major: Skating Through B School,” by David Glenn, it appears that undergraduate business students are not investing a lot of time into studying – or even into learning, for that matter. While business is one of the fastest-growing fields in U.S. higher education, both Glenn … Read more