Online Agribusiness Degrees

Earning a degree in agribusiness is a sound option for anyone with an interest in applying business practices to the agriculture industry. Students curious about careers in important sectors such as crop production and sales, food manufacturing, land management and other subsections of the agriculture industry are well suited for a degree in agribusiness.

Educational Offerings

Agribusiness degree programs are offered at all levels, from certificates to doctoral programs and everything in between. Certificate programs provide an opportunity for students to develop an understanding of how the agriculture industry operates and apply existing business credentials to the field. Bachelor’s programs provide a solid foundation for a variety of agriculture-related careers and will greatly improve one’s career options. Master’s and Doctoral programs allow for further specialization in a specific agribusiness market, and are well-suited for students pursuing a career in management.

Careers in Agribusiness

Agribusiness career options are similar what one would find with a traditional business degree – sales, marketing, management, finance, and more – but applied to a specific agricultural market. For instance, an agribusiness graduate could determine the monetary value of farms and their employees as a farm appraiser, a food inspector for a regulatory group such as the USDA, or a sales manager at a large production company. Career options within agribusiness are nearly limitless, making this a quality degree with many possibilities upon graduation.