Online International Business Degrees

Because there really is no such thing as an entry-level position in international business, you often need both experience and an advanced degree to get these kinds of jobs. Earning your degree online may give you access to global resources, industry leaders and well-known professors and opportunities while you work.


International businesses make heavy use of the Internet to facilitate communication, and not just through email and instant messaging. The high cost of travel has made virtual meetings, discussion boards, podcasts, shared document libraries and online collaboration a necessary part of daily operations. The familiarity with these technologies that you will gain by earning a degree online is a huge benefit.

Earning an online certificate in international business can transform your bachelor’s degree into a compelling credential by adding to your knowledge and expertise. Some programs at major universities also provide opportunities to network, even online. If you don’t have a business background already, you can choose from many innovative online bachelor’s degrees in international business. Some allow you to bridge directly to a master’s degree. If you already have a bachelor’s degree and some work experience, then earning your master’s in international business online can open doors to more responsibility along with financial rewards.

Expert Advice interviewed Dr. Tunga Kiyak, Managing Director of the Academy of International Business and Adjunct Professor at Michigan State University. In the interview, Dr. Kiyak discusses how the Academy’s research improves international business education, as well as current trends in the field and how students can best prepare for an international business career. We also spoke with with Philip Guarino, MBA, the founder of international business consulting firm, Elementi Consulting. Prior to consulting, Philip worked in sales and international business development for Bose Corporation and led the US branding and business development for Italian design firm Arclinea. He is a graduate of the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, is fluent in five languages, and has traveled to over 70 countries. In the interview, Philip discusses what exactly international business entails and how to get started in the field. Finally, we spoke with Dr. Noel Murray, Director of the Schmid Center for International Business at Chapman University. In the interview, Dr. Murray discusses Chapman’s Bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration degree with an emphasis in International Business, as well as what to look for in particular when deciding on an undergraduate international business program.

More School Profiles

University of Colorado, Colorado Springs: To earn this graduate certificate in international business online, you must already have at least a bachelor’s degree. The program is challenging, and the credits you earn can be applied to a master’s degree, provided you start within five years. While the certificate program takes one semester, you can take up to three years to complete it. The 12-credit-hour program covers subjects such as global markets, international finance, international marketing, export management and specific regions such as Europe, South America or Asia.

California State University, Dominguez Hills: This school offers its Master of Business Administration with a concentration in international business entirely online. The program is broken into four semesters that you can complete online at your own speed. The first 27 credit hours are prerequisite basic business courses you’ll have to take if you don’t have a bachelor’s in business. Subjects such as economics, accounting, management and business statistics fall into this category. You’ll spend the rest of your time taking graduate-level classes. Most of these are taught using case studies that require you to turn in written analyses and to discuss your work with faculty. You will also work in small virtual groups on a number of projects.

Florida International University: Earning your Bachelor of Business Administration online through Florida International University allows you to acquire a degree with a solid major in international business. While you will likely spend your freshman year completing liberal arts and basic business courses, you may soon be tackling heavy issues such as the effects of globalization, the impact of organizations such as the World Bank and treaties like NAFTA on global business, and how multinationals negotiate social, economic and political environments. You will work with classmates using online collaboration tools to develop international marketing strategies and perform global financial forecasting.