Brand Management Careers

Introduction to Brand Management

In much the same way that the public image of a celebrity is crafted by a meticulous public relations manager, a brand image is created and maintained by a brand manager.

Brand Management Job Description

Brand managers are involved in every aspect of the development and promotion of a product or service. The primary objective of a brand manager is to ensure the sales of goods and services. This process can include everything from coordinating the activities of sales and promotions to overseeing research and development to advising on the proper courses of action for purchasing, distribution, and even package development. Brand managers are also involved in creating strategy, targeting an audience, and managing tactical activities surrounding their product or company. Brand managers are a huge part of what “makes or breaks” a product or service.


Brand Management Requirements

A job in brand management requires proficiency in a number of areas, and a business degree-one that encompasses general studies of marketing, advertising, communications, economics, statistics, and management-is advantageous. A bachelor’s may help you break in to the industry, but for those who want to rise through the ranks of this field a Master’s of Business Administration (MBA) is needed. Most companies hiring a brand manager also prefer for applicants to have a minimum of four years of pertinent work experience.

Brand Management Career Outlook

Brand managers are an irreplaceable part of product creation and promotion, and are, therefore, somewhat assured of job stability. Still, competition for brand management jobs tends to be extremely tough, with those securing positions earning about $88,000 annually according to The top 25 percent of brand managers earn over $100,000 annually.

Brand Management Trends

Brand managers need to adapt quickly to new trends as they have to face an ever-changing consumer landscape. At the same time they have to be able to keep their brand image consistent and recognizable. It can sometimes be a tough line to walk, but successful brand managers know how to mix strong leadership and organization with their knowledge of business, advertising and marketing.