Online E-Commerce Degrees

Earning your e-commerce degree online makes a lot of sense. The nature of e-commerce makes it an ideal fit for distance learning. The skills needed to excel in earning an online e-commerce degree directly apply to this field, including computer proficiency, mastery of the Internet and use of social interaction tools.


If you already have a business degree, then an online e-commerce certificate program is the quickest way to establish your credentials. Generally, you can complete a 12-credit-hour program in less than a year. You will learn about building online brands, attracting profitable traffic, using social media and online communities, providing online service, understanding successful business models, adapting offline businesses for success online and developing an overarching online strategy.

If you don’t have a degree, then an online associate degree can open doors in this fast-growing field. Learning online, you can earn your degree in as little as a year and a half, or you can take your time. Many community colleges are setting the standard for online learning, offering flexibility and affordability.

The Bachelor of Arts in business with an e-commerce major is a popular degree that is well-suited to online learning. You will find most online programs in e-commerce match the structure of on-campus programs, but with more choices in available institutions and greater flexibility in how you use your time. Online e-commerce bachelor’s degree programs require 180 hours of coursework, including liberal arts and general business classes. The bulk of your focus will be in your elected major.

Ferris State University: This online e-commerce marketing certificate program is designed for people who already have a background in business and want to quickly master online marketing and the most up-to-date thinking and technology in the field. All courses are offered online. Beyond mere coursework, you will be asked to put your learning into practice, creating e-commerce strategies, plans and campaigns that are ready for the virtual world.

Northern Virginia Community College: This community college offers the state of the art in online learning for the Associate of Applied Science degree in marketing, with a specialization in e-commerce. The degree is flexible and will help you as an employee in a large organization or as an entrepreneur. You will complete some basic liberal arts and business courses in your first two semesters, and then dive into your e-commerce major to finish out the program. Each semester represents 16 to 18 hours, with the degree designed to take two years to complete.

Seattle University: You don’t have to move to Seattle to earn your degree from Seattle University’s Albers School of Business and Economics. The Bachelor of Arts in business administration in e-commerce and information systems is available online. You study the same curriculum as you would on campus, interact directly with the same faculty and earn the same degree. Your first year is devoted to liberal arts with an emphasis on writing, Western civilization, philosophy, math and economics. Your second year concentrates on basic business including accounting, statistics, management and communications and marketing. Your final years will give you a deep background into information management, technology, programming, databases, and e-commerce strategy and execution. The program takes four years of full-time study to complete 180 credit hours.