Investment Banking Careers

Introduction to Investment Banking

Investment bankers help companies merge, acquire and raise money, among other things. They research, discuss, and help plan the elements involved in many corporate deals, and as a result are key players within the business landscape.


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Investment Banking Job Description

The job responsibilities for an investment banker include advising corporations on options for investments, raising money, researching and underwriting. Investment bankers must use their knack for numbers and their in-depth understanding of the financial world to help corporations maximize the money they raise and generate. Work can be in one of three primary areas: trading, research and analysis, and corporate finance. Much of the responsibilities center around helping clients run smoothly in a financial sense. This goal is achieved through solving budget deficits, initiating financial ventures, studying financial documents, and advising corporations in the event of financial failure. The directives of an accomplished investment banker can be the difference between the long-term success or failure of a client.

Investment Banking Requirements

Most investment bankers possess a Master’s of Business Administration (MBA). Overall, an understanding and education in finance, economics and/or statistics form a necessary foundation for the job. Ultimately, an investment banker must be knowledgeable in business and finance and must adapt quickly to an ever-changing economic landscape.

Investment Banking Career Outlook

For those who possess the analytical, problem solving and numbers skills needed for investment banking, the monetary compensation can be well worth the battle to secure a job within this competitive field. According to, average annual salaries can stretch from $55,000 to nearly $110,000.

Investment Banking Trends

Opportunities in investment banking tend to fluctuate and are very dependent on the state of the economy. In addition, due to the high level of pay, the competition for available jobs is often rather fierce. As the economy expands; however, the need for investment bankers will expand as well, and those who have acquired the proper level of education and who display the necessary skills will be in an excellent position to take advantage of the employment opportunities.