Online Information Technology Degrees

Earning your degree in information technology online is a way to start your career or take it to the next level. If you are self-motivated and can juggle your other time commitments, earning your online degree in information technology gives you flexibility and access to unique programs. You will need a certain level of computer savvy to make the most of the online academic experience, but if information technology is your career goal, that certainly goes with it.


While general online degrees in information technology abound, you will also find many with special concentrations, such as finance, accounting, e-business, project management, data warehousing, telecommunications and network management. You are not limited by what is in your area; instead, you can find the best program to support your career goals. A bachelor’s degree in information technology management will give you a solid background in business concepts, as well as a comprehensive understanding of how information technology is used across all business functions. A master’s degree will focus on high-level executive issues such as information technology strategy and on systems planning and development. Online master’s programs also require an area of concentration.

When choosing where to earn your information technology degree online, pay special attention to accreditation and research the institution’s reputation. Talk to potential employers and recruiters to find out what programs they value and which ones they discount. If you are earning your bachelor’s degree and plan to eventually earn your master’s, check out any bridge programs that allow you to get your master’s on the fast track. Be sure your undergraduate program will be recognized by institutions where you may one day apply to earn your master’s.

University of Maryland University College: Just because this program is online doesn’t mean it isn’t hands-on. At the University of Maryland University College, earning a Bachelor of Science in computer and information science online is a highly interactive experience. Don’t expect to click through virtual classrooms. The curriculum here is about real-world problem-solving and learning concepts and techniques through applying them to real business issues. You will learn about software, the Internet, databases, systems integration and networking. This rigorous program involves at least 120 credit hours and usually takes a full four years of full-time study to complete.

University of Maine at Augusta: This online Bachelor of Science in computer information systems combines coursework with teamwork. You’ll learn in the “classroom” about software, systems, Web development and how information technology supports various business functions; however, you will also work with virtual teams of other students in group projects solving real-world problems. The program also requires you to complete an internship with an organization approved by the university so that you graduate with work experience that puts your skills to the test.

Johns Hopkins University: The Master of Science in computer science degree from Johns Hopkins can take you 18 months of study. Coursework includes classes in information strategy, project and budget planning and management, business communications, cyber security and innovations. You will specialize in a specific area, such as financial systems, security architecture, data warehousing or others. In addition to the coursework and group projects, you will submit a master’s thesis, called a capstone project, demonstrating your mastery of the material. You will graduate with the same well-respected degree that on-campus students earn.